IBM Cloudant Tutorials

Using the Primary Index

The primary index is the fastest way to retrieve data from your database. If you learn better by seeing a demonstration, watch these videos first:

Provision the IBM Cloudant Service in Bluemix

If you do not already have the IBM Cloudant service provisioned in Bluemix, follow these steps to provision the service. ▼More

Retrieve data

The primary index is fast because it comes with every Cloudant database, which means you don't have to write any code before you can use it. ▼More

Review the API Options

The generic _all_docs request above returns all the documents in the database. That's fine for this example database, but in a realistic scenario you'll probably want a more manageable result set. That's where API options come in. ▼More

As your data grows, you'll want to explore secondary indexes, which allow you to build additional indexes over your database, defined by efficient MapReduce views.

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